FONTECK registered in Ridderkerk (near Rotterdam), the Netherlands in Year 2013, Fonteck Industries B.V. is a professional company committed to the design, development, production, sales and technical support for industrial explosion-proof products and systems. The company has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, BoxFonteck B.V., focusing on the production, sales and technical support for industrial explosion-proof products and systems, and Fonteck Technology B.V., focusing on the provision for explosion-proof products and systems design, development, testing and certification services.


Fonteck Industries adopts the latest technology and processes to design, manufacture and supply advanced explosion-proof products and systems for customers to protect personnel and property from potentially explosive environments; provide explosion-proof components and system solutions suitable for engineering companies and system integrating companies; and provide complete solutions including the design, development, testing, certification, production, the procurement and inspection of explosion-proof components, and the logistics of explosion-proof products for explosion-proof product manufacturers.

Fonteck Industries is ISO 9001:2015, IECEx QAR and ATEX QAN certified. After 7 years of development, Fonteck Industries has established a solid position in the field of explosion-proof products. To ensure the product quality and professionalism, most of the core components of our products come from world well-know brands e.g. Bitzer, Carlyle, Danfoss and Copeland for compressors, Emerson for sensors etc.


BoxFonteck B.V. mainly has eight categories of explosion-proof products including HVAC systems, space heaters, compressors, fans, sensors, immersion heaters, solenoid coils, electric motors, and installation components.

Ø HVAC systems include packaged and split units. The split unit includes air handling unit and condensing unit.

Ø Space heaters include duct heater and wall-mounted heater.

Ø Compressors include hermetic compressor and semi-hermetic compressor. Hermetic compressor includes reciprocating compressor and scroll compressor. Semi-hermetic compressor includes reciprocating compressor and screw compressor.

Ø Fans include axial fan, bifurcated fan and centrifugal fan.

Ø Sensors include temperature sensor, pressure sensor, differential pressure sensor, liquid level sensor, vibration sensor, rotating speed sensor, UV sensors and limit switch.

Ø Immersion heaters include 3 models (Model S<300W; Model M- 300W to 1KW; Model L- 1KW to 10KW).

Ø Solenoid coils include multiple models from 1025 to 3050 (5W to 20W).

Ø Electric motors are three-phase asynchronous motors including IE2 motor from frame size 63 to 500 and IE3 motor from frame size 80 to 355.

Ø Installation components include flameproof and increased safety junction box, control box, cable gland and cable connector.

BoxFonteck has got contracts with Norwegian Petroleum, Petrobras, Shell Petroleum, BP Petroleum and Noble Energy for nearly 30 projects in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East.


Fonteck Technology B.V. has been providing explosion-proof product design and certification service for many years and has obtained nearly 100 explosion-proof certificates and explosion-proof manufacturer quality management system certificates for customers.


Fonteck Industries provides products and services for the Oil and Gas, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Marine, Offshore, Food Industry, Sewage Treatment, Distillation Plants and Biofuel Industries throughout the world. Client/project types include Ship, Platform, Oil terminal, FPSO etc. Customers can rely on our precise execution, the most advanced manufacturing technology, and rapid response capability of global operations.


In the future, Fonteck Industries will further explore and innovate, keep improving our products and service to achieve a win-win situation with all our customers.

On "ceeating value for partners"

We believe that customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees are all partners and partners who cooperate with themselves. Only by making efforts to create value for partners can we realize their value and develop and succeed.